Freda Cornelius is currently the president and CEO of the Professional Framing Company located in Kennesaw, Georgia. She attributes her growth as a person, leader and entrepreneur to coaching through books and CDs, such as Michael Gerber, Zig Ziglar and John Maxwell, just to name a few. She has an
extensive library and she devotes an hour daily to study. She has been personally coached by Howard Partridge with Phenomenal Products and the Ziglar Corporation.
Although Freda was raised in Georgia, she worked in several states. She moved from administrative work into sales back in 1985 because she knew that is where freedom and money could be found. She traveled throughout five states by car selling two-way radios, in the days prior to cell phones. As she drove, she always listened to self-help tapes, especially Zig Ziglar. She went on to recruit for a school that trained electronic technicians and then she was transferred to Texas where she worked as their placement director. She has sold cell phones, staffing services, alarm systems, and software. She worked for small companies and large corporations. Through this extensively diverse background, she experienced diverse people, success, great leaders, poor leaders, joy, drama, hardships and many challenges.
In her story, Freda demonstrates not only the Power of getting outside of her comfort zone, but also the courage it took to change. Freda is writing a book that will expand on her experience and the lessons she learned. Look for it to be published in 2015. Freda truly desires to help people learn from her experience as she moved from an extremely shy and insecure person into a confident business woman. In her writing, she encourages people to step outside of their comfort zone and go for it.