Forest Hamilton was literally delivered into his father’s hands.
When the midwife was late in arriving, David Hamilton had to find a
way to bring his boy into this world. Through fear, uncertainty, and
an umbilical cord wrapped around his son’s neck, he found a way.
Raised without running water or electricity into his teens, Forest followed his father’s
example and continued to persevere. His father taught him to be the hardest worker
on the farm, the most competitive athlete on the field, and the most dedicated student
in the classroom. This work ethic, coupled with his mother’s consistently encouraging
ways, helped him find his way to Texas to pursue his dreams at an early age.
Forest Hamilton is now an Assistant Director of Universal Coin and Bullion, Ltd. in Beaumont,
Texas. He has held many positions in his nearly 15-year career with UCB, one of
the world’s largest gold, silver, and rare coin investment firms. Beginning his career at
UCB as a teenager, Forest has been awarded numerous honors for sales, teamwork,
and customer service on his way to becoming an invaluable resource in every department.
He has trained well over a hundred salesmen, customer service representatives,
and managers – helping propel his company from a five million dollar a year business
into a multi-national, award winning, sixty million dollar a year industry leader.
Forest is also a partner and co-founder of David Hamilton Winery, LLC in Mt. Vernon,
Oregon. This family-run winery specializes in organic fruit wines of the Northwest. He
truly enjoys working with his family in the acquisition, production, distribution, marketing
and drinking of their unique wines.
Forest and the love of his life, Stormy, have two beautiful daughters, Taylin and Tinsley.
He is a dedicated husband and father and applies the same passion to his personal
life that he does in his business life.
Forest is an accomplished author, speaker, and life/business coach. He is known to
many as a “Perpetual Positive Emotion Machine.” His goal is to help others realize
that happiness and success are direct results of choices, not chances. He considers
sales, communication, and coaching to be the three greatest arts in human nature and
is constantly striving to master each of them in an effort to better himself, his family, his
businesses, and those that come to him to be mentored.
If you are interested in having Forest Hamilton help YOU find a way in life, business, or wealth
preservation and diversification in Gold and Silver, please visit: You can
also call 800-248-2223 or email Forest directly at: [email protected]
If you are interested in learning more about organically grown fruit wines with no
added sulfites, visit or call 541-932-4567.