A survivor of clergy sexual abuse, Esther Hatfield Miller, transformed from victim to survivor and emerged as a thriving being, uses her uniquely crafted 5-step heal yourself system in moving from chaos to calm. Esther now teaches others how to do “whoopass healing” on their trauma from Sexual Abuse,
Child Neglect, Domestic Violence and Victimization, and to live a powerful, calm and drama-free life!
Educated at the University of Southern California, New Mexico State University, Texas Tech and California State University at Northridge, Esther tweaked and implemented university level strategies, tactics and processes to begin to heal. Esther’s personal journey has been featured in media and press events to include: New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, Huffington Post, ABC television, Fox News, Univision and Fusion TV direct cable shows, blog talk radio, Clear Channel’s KFI radio and many more.
Esther has been actively speaking with media outlets – speaking on behalf of those victims that still haven’t found their voice. She has been involved in speakers series at colleges and universities lecturing about the crime of Clergy Sexual Abuse and the process of “grooming.” Her continued goal is to raise awareness to prevent future sexual abuse and focus on restorative justice for all victims.
Esther continues advocacy work to stomp out child sexual abuse and to abolish Statutes of Limitations when it comes to crimes committed against humanity. Her multilingual and multicultural advantage allows her to speak to groups both large and small, to encourage others how to “dwell in possibility,” and how to heal this crime against the mind, body and soul.
Esther is a grandmother of three, mother of two adult-daughters and wife of one. You can find Esther briskly walking the dog beach in Huntington Beach, California along with her hubby, Bruce and sometimes even with her maltipoo grand-dog, Harry Connick, Jr.!
Stay connected with Esther at: [email protected]