Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs and blanketed with technology, to Erin Tillotson, social media is her natural language.
Erin’s vision is simple: to craft an extraordinary social media experience so powerful your company becomes completely irresistible to your clients and prospects!
An experienced professional, Erin began her marketing career in 2006 working with speakers, authors and experts, providing them with a unique method of online marketing.
Known as The Social Media Phoenix, Erin challenges the common misconception that companies should hold back the problems and obstacles they have overcome on the way to success. Those problems are the raw beauty a business MUST show the world. Not only are they the elements that have made the company successful, they are often the very things that clients and prospects need to hear to lift them into action. Erin’s buzz-building business strategies all gravitate around her two core beliefs; competition is non-existent and driving a deeper connection with online prospects is key. These two elements are vital ingredients in this new digital age.
Recognizing that online marketing is ever changing, Erin dedicates herself to staying abreast of the latest and best technology and systems for online marketing success. Holding dozens of certifications in social media, online events and online marketing she has the rare ability to create personalized marketing experiences for her clients and their customers. These are proven strategies that can be used again and again to replicate success year after year.
Erin supports local business groups, online summits and national business associations as a speaker and teacher of social media marketing. She provides marketing strategies that attract targeted prospects for businesses that build online authority and increase revenue.
Her clientele ranges from small businesses and solopreneurs to Inc. 500 companies. In addition, Erin has been recognized as one of America’s PremierExpertsTM and has been quoted in SEO-News, NBC’s affiliate KSL, and Writers Talk. She co-authored Facebook for Business and was featured in Virtual Entrepreneurship. Erin lives and works in Tennessee’s beautiful Upper Cumberland Plateau.
You can connect with Erin at: