Erin began her professional career in the retail industry and
worked her way through the ranks to CEO of a billion-dollar
company. Knowing that her passion was real estate she made a
career change in 2007, when most agents were fleeing, and became
a multi-million-dollar producer almost overnight. Erin believes
that her high expectations have allowed her to become a real estate success,
and she understands that this success is achieved through helping others. She prides
herself in thinking outside the box and pushing the limits of conventional wisdom.
Erin is from Central Oklahoma and studied at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.
She brings a down-to-earth and friendly attitude that’s welcomed among her clients.
Her positive look-on- the-bright-side attitude is refreshing in the midst of the doomand-
gloom attitude that’s so often portrayed.
In these confusing economic times, when the name of the game changes daily, homeowners
need a trusted expert. Erin is committed to helping and assisting homeowners
and homebuyers through these uncharted waters. Keeping current is top priority,
and continually educating and guiding clients is a driving factor in the success of
everyone involved. New techniques and ideas are ever-flowing to achieve the maximum
benefit for each individual.
To learn more about Erin and her style in real estate, visit