A technology marketing executive with a history of
applying tech innovations to emerging business trends,
resulting in breakthrough increases in sales and margins,
Eric D. Townsend has the ability to take a concept from
ideation to creation through execution.
For nearly two decades, Eric’s work has promoted the practical, positive
impact of technologies across the computing spectrum—from hardware to
software to services. He has worked with various companies in multiple
industries to grow technology usages that build business and increase
profitability. This includes extensive work and significant initiatives in the
healthcare, retail and manufacturing industries.
Eric is currently the director of SMB Marketing for North America for Intel
Corporation and works closely with technology vendors and IT service
providers serving the small and medium business market. As managed IT
services have matured over the last 10 years, Eric has been a leader in the
adoption of advanced remote services and emerging tools, working with
over 300 IT service providers and all major vendors of IT hardware. His focus
on growing business through the intelligent evolution of IT processes—
as opposed to technology for technology’s sake—has attracted a strong
network of fellow travelers and helped forge multi-party initiatives that
deliver broad and sustainable value. In addition, Eric helps MSPs and IT
consultants reach customers easily and effectively using a mix of social
media and content marketing to build brand and increase demand. Eric has
a keen understanding of how social media is changing every industry and
how businesses should be empowered by this rather than afraid of it.
Eric is also deeply committed to supporting local community efforts and helping
people in need. For 6 years, he has volunteered his time weekly at Phoenix
Children’s Hospital, which provides world-class care to children throughout
the state and region. He also works regularly on various U.S. and international
housing projects through Habitat for Humanity, including builds in Fiji, New
Zealand, South Africa, and Trinidad, as well as domestically in Arizona.
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