ric Sachetta is a Leadership Expert and devotes much of his time helping college students, young professionals, and business owners understand the value of Personal Leadership. Eric is the author of The 8 Mandates of Personal Leadership. He is a motivational speaker for colleges and universities throughout
the nation where he spreads his knowledge and insight to the members of “The Next Generation of Leaders.” Creator and founder of the Eric Live The Movie Crew,” life coaching program, Eric has a unique passion for helping “The Next Generation of Leaders,” become irreplaceable employees, visionary business owners, and dynamic family leaders.

Eric is also a former district manager for Vector Marketing. During his time as district manager, he interviewed thousands of graduating high school seniors, college students, and recent college graduates, eventually fueling his desire for teaching and helping others succeed at a high level. His goal of helping “The Next Generation of Leaders” shorten the learning curve between where they stand today, and who they aspire to become, was primarily inspired by his own personal experience. He started his journey to becoming a Leadership Expert as a shy, introverted college student who lacked confidence and motivation. Today, he enjoys spending time with family and friends and dedicates himself to helping the younger generation reach a level of success they had only dreamed of.

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