Elliot Grossbard is the CEO of Disruptive Sales Consulting and an author who helps businesses disrupt stagnant sales, clarify their brand, and improve company morale.
Disruptive Sales Consulting is Elliot’s way of implementing his experience including the roll out in Florida of the largest computer training company when Windows 95 launched in the 90’s, managing a portfolio in excess of $200 million in assets at Smith Barney during the height of the technology bubble and the aftermath, building a salesforce for a national company that provides educational and commercial furniture, and most recently, leading SupplyMart—an office supply company that focuses on small and mid-size companies with customers across the U.S.
Through his 20 years in sales – including everything from the intangible (computer training, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, healthcare, senior living) to the tangible (furniture, office supplies, equipment), Elliot has established core values that have been shared with his sales teams, companies, and clients, which have implemented the same values and strategic methods. As a result of doing so, they have experienced increased sales, brand expansion, happier and more dedicated employees, and a new and passionate culture. You won’t find a more dedicated advocate to help you and your company reach your goals.
The largest reward for any salesperson, whether an account executive or CEO of a Fortune 500 company, is: “When you deliver on a promise, execute a service, or simply give your customer a solution – that satisfaction alone is what should be the inner drive of every true salesperson.”
Elliot has gained a following of sales aficionados and followers online through published articles on social media,, his blog, and through the LinkedIn Influencer program.
Once you meet Elliot, you get a jolt of enthusiasm in whatever it is you are passionate about. He is infectiously passionate about the things he loves. It starts with his family down to his loyalty to his hometown Detroit Red Wings, Tigers, and Lions sports teams (yes, in that order). But more than anything else, Elliot is passionate about sales.
Much of his character and values come from his father who passed away when he was just 20 years old. A strong upbringing in a tight community of family and friends led him to call Miami his home for 20+ years. Adopting the Miami Heat back in the Glen Rice days as his local sports team of choice, he has aligned himself with many essential people in the South Florida business community that has enabled him to be a resource (POI) for people in his network. His family consists of his wife of 19 years, and 3 children. His love for music is well known within his circle; formerly a drummer, he has a desire to learn to play the piano and has been known to burst into song at any moment.
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