Edward J. Storer is a Financial Wealth Strategist and Advocate, an independent fiduciary, Certified Tax Coach, Investment and Insurance Advisor, as well as a Retirement and Estate Planning Specialist. For over 25 years, Ed has been assisting business owners and families plan “to and through” retirement.
Ed is the founder, owner, and president of Edward Storer & Associates, Integrated Wealth Management, an independent Wealth Planning firm in Greenville, SC. He is also the founder of the Wealth Training Academy. The Wealth Training Academy is a place designed to coach, teach, train, and educate those who are ready to understand and take control of their Wealth. According to Ed, “My goal in creating Edward Storer & Associates, Integrated Wealth Management, and the Wealth Training Academy, was to gather experts in each of the four areas of financial planning: Taxes, Investments, Insurances, and Estate Planning, and put them under one roof to create an integrated team approach in planning that must “TIIE” together for proper wealth management. This is the only way to Shield, Protect, and Grow your wealth.”
This innovative approach to financial coaching is Ed’s specialty. He works with people of all income brackets to educate them in effective strategies to save them money and set up protection for them with taxes, investments, insurance, and estate planning. Ed has saved his Wealth Members millions of dollars from losses in the market, as well as overpayments to the IRS. For this original concept, he has been quoted in various industry publications and financial articles, as well as authored chapters for books. Ed enjoys sharing his expertise and has also been a keynote speaker at various industry events.
Ed loves life and enjoys it to the fullest with his wife Jeannine, and his two children, Brooke and Brittney. They live in the Greenville, SC area where Ed and Jeannine are very active in various community events.
Ed can be reached by calling the office and scheduling a phone appointment at: 864-297-6125 or on line at: