Edward Biernat is the founding partner of Consulting With Impact, Ltd., a consulting firm with an international client base specializing in implementing sustainable improvement systems for his clients. A former Navy Nuclear Power Officer, he held a number of management and corporate positions including the Vice President of Corporate Quality prior to founding Consulting With Impact, Ltd. in 1998. Consulting With Impact has helped more than 100 clients change their business and achieve measurable returns on their consulting investments, often at a 10:1 return ratio. Edward’s client list includes such Fortune 500 companies as Honeywell, Ball Corporation and Kodak as well as many small to mid-sized companies seeking rapid, lasting change. He has implemented his transformation process in India, Africa, China, Southeast Asia and numerous locations in North America in a variety of industries.

A major tenant of Edward’s change process is that change happens at the individual level. His proven approach combines established improvement methodologies with the latest research in neuroscience and organizational development, building a behavioral model that reinforces and locks-in the enhanced process. Once the key behaviors are identified from the model, they can be reinforced through coaching and feedback to assist the individual through their personal change process. “Lasting change happens with people, not to people.”

To enable the reader to receive the greatest benefit from the content in this chapter, Edward is making available additional resources to download at his corporate site, Edward is available for one-on-one executive coaching and corporate speaking engagements. If you or your organization would like to work with him directly, please refer to his personal website,