Edi Sensei helps universities and companies to expand online and transition into information businesses. He is the guru behind the internet service company which together with its sister company are involved in producing, marketing and delivering information products for the health, food, entertainment, education and publishing industries. Edi Sensei founded the Internet Media Laboratory at Souzou Gakuen University where right now his team of intrapreneurs works on reinventing the university as an information business. He also works closely with the major Japanese mobile phone carriers on mobile e-learning projects.
Edi Sensei grew up in Transylvania and he was part of the core team of the National Curriculum Council which led the creation of a new competency based education system in Romania. For two years he trained extensively on this topic, his audience including the education departments of all major universities. Nine years ago he was awarded a research grant by the Japanese government and one year later after passing the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, he began teaching and consulting in Japanese. In a couple of years he went from being a lecturer, associate professor to a senior tenured professor position. He has twenty years of experience in educational and business settings as a seminar leader, consultant, business owner and professor.