Investment expert and entrepreneur, Eddie Overdyke, AIF,
makes a science of investment products, making him one of
the most knowledgeable and effective financial advisors in the
country. Overdyke is the owner of Overdyke Wealth Advisory
of Atlanta, Georgia. With a degree in Business Administration with a concentration
in Finance, he is also an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® and a Qualified
Safe Money Millionaire™ Advisor. He is established as a leader in his field and
has been recognized in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution as well as nationally in
America’s Top Hometown Financial Advisors.
Overdyke is a retirement planning expert who works with individuals to assist them
in strategic planning for a stable lifestyle after their working years. His company is
structured as an independent firm to avoid any conflicts of interest and to act as an
unbiased advocate for his clients. He is interested in creating long-term relationships
and works from a standpoint of retirement success rather than from rates
of return. He has been thoroughly trained on functional alternatives to Wall Street
and has access to products that create a secure and guaranteed investment portfolio
for his retirement clients. Realizing each client’s situation to be unique, he
thoroughly examines their individual needs, their risk tolerance, and their objectives
to determine the appropriate investment vehicles.
Part of Overdyke’s work is with small businesses in regard to employee retirement
benefits and investment vehicles. He often works in conjunction with an employee
benefits firm assisting them by handling the retirement plan options in the employer’s
benefit package. He is able to show employers how to uniquely structure
a program for their employees to reduce the employer’s costs and fees. He also
educates employees on how they can most successfully utilize the retirement plan
in which they invest.
Overdyke has recently been featured in USA Today as one of “America’s Game
Changers” in his industry. He also was the featured guest on the television program
“Leading Experts” in Orlando, Florida. Additionally, he anticipates the release
of his first book later this year. The book will address successful strategies on how
to accumulate money, as well as, looking at Wall Street methodology and how it
influences the psychology of personal investing.
Overdyke has also been asked to co-author an upcoming book entitled, Out Front.
The book is a collection of writings by key leaders in various industries. According
to the publisher’s marketing personnel, both books are anticipated to quickly
reach the bestseller list. Other initiatives planned by Overdyke this year include
154 OUT FRONT the launching of a radio program in the greater Atlanta area. Additional information
about Overdyke and the services provided by Overdyke Wealth Advisory are
available at the firm’s website, or by calling his office at