Behind every powerful speaker, there is an incredibly powerful marketer. Don’t let his boyish looks fool you – he was responsible for filling two hundred events per month which enabled Dave’s company to land at No. 35 on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies.

In the last year he’s worked on 9 online product launches creating over $10 million dollars in sales. Now he’s creating an automated money machine that will generate over a million in sales with just one part time employee.

Dustin Mathews’ expertise in Internet marketing has
earned him national accolades and the respect of the
information marketing industry. He publishes the most
widely-read offline newsletter for speakers, affiliates
and promoters. This Internet marketing guru started his
entrepreneurial path as the marketing genius behind the success of Foreclosures
Daily. His expertise was critical to helping take that business to the No.
35 position on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.
During his time at FD, Dustin managed and marketed more than 200 events
per month and generated over $14 million in sales. Dustin quickly became
known for his abilities to create marketing frenzies which drive people to
buy millions in products and services, both online and offline.
After his success at FD, Dustin founded Business Credit Infusion™. As the
company’s Chief Marketing Officer, he empowers business owners and
entrepreneurs to get the money they need for their businesses.
Today, his success in generating over $11 million in online sales for clients
launching products has made him one of the most highly sought-after
product launch experts. However, most of his time these days is spent
educating industry experts on the specialized processes he has developed.
His mentoring services are a core component of the success of the 7 Figure
Speaking Empire.
What’s next for this Florida State University graduate? Dustin is now focused
on championing a new business called The Internet Movement, which will
concentrate on leveraging traditional public relations methods to procure
new clients for the information marketing industry. The intent is to catalyze
new organic growth for the industry as a whole. Dustin is committed to sharing
his insights and successes with a wider audience, so that more people
will become impassioned to achieve higher levels of success.
Dustin is the co-author of “How to Get Rich Working For FREE,” “Online
Marketing Secrets Revealed” and “Secrets of the Real Estate Millionaires.”
In his downtime, Dustin enjoys playing tennis and mountain biking with his
wife Missy.