Dr. Timothy Benson is a Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard
Medical School and Founder and CEO of Gamewise Consulting LLC,
a company that provides strategic support for elite performers and
their families. Often referred to as “The Success Psychiatrist,” Dr.
Benson’s motto is “Helping the Best Get Better.” Having been a
member of Harvard’s clinical faculty for almost a decade, he has successfully used
“strength-based approaches” to engage and empower professionals who work in
high-stress environments.
In addition to his coaching programs for athletes, entertainers and entrepreneurs,
Dr. Benson speaks nationally on the topics of “Outperforming Yourself”, “Succeeding
Against the Odds” and “Surviving Success: Preventing Your Dream From Becoming
a Disaster.” He has also been an invited panelist at Harvard Business School and
Wharton School of Business to address the psychological dynamics of being the “first
in the family” to reach certain social, economic and educational milestones.
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