Dr. Paula Joyce, The Life Doctor, has helped thousands of people improve
their health, wealth and relationships through her writing, coaching
and speaking. Paula’s clients attain success, achieve breakthrough
thinking and enhance productivity by working with her Ultimate Creative
Problem Solving Process to align and integrate the information
in the right and left sides of their brain. This allows them to dissolve
hidden fears and barriers, solve their most challenging problems and reach their goals.
As someone who has faced many challenges in life, Paula walks her talk. Despite
being told that she would never be able to dance, paint or write creatively, she has
become an accomplished Argentine Tango dancer, an artist whose work is shown in
museums around the world, and an author whose creative writing and poetry have
been published. Despite being raised to believe that a woman should never get too
much education, work while raising children, or be successful in a career, Paula did
postdoctoral work at Yale University in the Cognitive Psychology Department and was
Director of Leadership Development for the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent
School District where she coached and trained top level executives. She has overcome
emotional and psychological abuse and taught herself to see the positive in
every experience and feel the gratitude for all of it.
An internationally published and translated author, her most recent book, 33 Tips
for Self-Empowerment, is available as an e-book and will soon be in print. Her next
book, Tango: The Dance of Life, is in preparation. Go to her website and sign up for
her newsletter to be among the first to receive a publication notice.
Paula uses her Ultimate Creative Problem Solving Process with such diverse organizations
as American Express Financial Services, Baylor University Medical Center,
The Jung Society, Voluntary Hospital Association, The Women’s Museum and Right
Management Consultants.
Some of the topics that Paula presents to national and international audiences are
leadership development, team building, wellness, de-stressing, life transitions, conflict
resolution, change management, overcoming abuse/self empowerment, strategic
planning, positive thinking, life after divorce, nourishment of the spirit, from fear
to freedom and staying mentally sharp.
Paula has been in The Dallas Morning News and on national radio and television.
You can listen to podcasts of her radio show, “Uplift Your Life With Dr. Paula,” on her
website or iTunes.
If you want to actualize your true potential with more ease, visit Paula at: