Dr. Neal Patel, dentist and international dental educator, is a graduate of The Ohio State University where he earned degrees in both molecular genetics and dentistry. Excelling in the arts, Dr. Patel searched for a career that would allow his artistic ability, and passion for science, to shine.

While under the post-doctoral fellowship of world-renowned prosthodontist, Dr. Edwin McGlumphy, he experienced and mastered the fine details involved in using advanced technology to perform reconstructive dental surgery. Achieving that level of precision fueled his desire to deliver nearly flawless results in his own practice. Dr. Patel recognized that the patient, his top priority, got to reap the benefit of beautiful esthetics, less discomfort and faster healing.

In addition to his cutting-edge private practice in Powell, Ohio, he is currently on an international lecture circuit, educating the world’s dental clinicians on the modern technologies available to the dental industry. Dr. Patel teaches 3D digital imaging and computer-guided surgery. He has mastered the art of maximizing the patient experience by always granting the very best of treatment, which can be done only by embracing digital technology.

To promote his passion for dentistry and devotion to the patient, Dr. Patel has designed an equally impressive state-of-the-art facility for his private practice. Every detail, from the sleek contemporary décor to thoughtful patient amenities, reflects his vision of surpassing patient satisfaction. His patients include people from all over the country, who are willing to travel to benefit from the innovative technologies he uses in every facet of patient care. And while the equipment is important, the advanced training Dr. Patel and his staff have undertaken to use the equipment is equally important.

He has published numerous clinical articles on advanced treatment techniques and business strategies, including Forbes, Newsweek, Journal of the American Dental Association (J.A.D.A), and more. He is a consultant for a number of dental manufacturers and works closely with the research and development sectors for product development and enhancement.

Dr. Patel strives to provide the ultimate in comprehensive dental care and education for all.