Dr. Merick Abrajano, D.C. is the Clinic Director of Southland Spine Center in the Torrance, CA area. He has been in practice for 17 years and is a local authority and patient advocate for back and disc pain sufferers.
Dr. Abrajano has revealed that what many think about back pain, disc pain, sciatica, unresolved back pain, leg and hip pain, bulging and slipped discs may in fact be completely WRONG! And while his opinions are not shared by everyone in the back and disc pain field, …this doctor’s perspective is hard to ignore, and he appears to have an army of smiling happy patients (FORMER back and disc pain sufferers), ready to vouch for him and his spine center.
In 2004, he was team doctor for the Olympic Decathlon Team, and has treated many elite athletes and sports stars. He currently resides in Palos Verdes, California with his wife and three children.
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