Marie Bañuelos is a retired superintendent of schools after 35 years in education. For the last three years and currently, Marie supervises student teachers and administrative candidates for the University of Phoenix in California so candidates can meet the rigorous credentialing demands of the state. Marie also
founded the Central Valley Kings Foundation, Inc., a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation in 2012 to support community service in several communities and to fund scholarships for high school graduates, who do not normally receive scholarships for college. Marie advises high school student service Key Clubs (Kiwanis sponsored) and helps students develop community service values and strengthen leadership skills. Marie is dedicated to helping all students reach their potential by seeking advanced educational experiences and developing high ethical standards and values.
Dr. Bañuelos is a graduate of the University of La Verne, California, with a doctorate in Organizational Leadership. Marie coaches working administrators and has coached over 100 schools in school improvement, staff relations, and reducing resistance and stress while going through change. She donates her time to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges to accredit high schools, adult schools, private schools and prison schools. Marie has a unique style that is inclusive of all staffs in schools and districts. Her most important advice to schools that are going through difficult times is, “Schools are machines made of flesh and blood. If you break the cogs in these machines, they cannot be fixed as easily as metal.” Marie’s humanistic style unites staff and leadership to helps schools through difficult times of change.
Marie began her growth journey with Jack Canfield in the 1980s. She participated in workshops that Jack Canfield led for other organizations. When Canfield began his own business, Marie participated in Jack’s programs and later managed support personnel for Canfield’s workshops for over five years, and contributed to Canfield’s “Self Esteem in the Classroom” curriculum.
Marie provides schools and district with workshops on building relationships, problem solving, team building, goal development and action planning. Marie also assists schools and districts to analyze new school legislation and develop ways to meet the new state requirements – while still building strong teamwork in times of regulations and helping schools to identify avenues for self-governance and team decision making for what is best in their communities.
You can connect with Marie at: [email protected] [email protected]