For 25 years Dr. Marc S. Cutler, D.O.M. (NM), L.Ac. (NC), Dipl.Ac., has been helping people across the country reach their health and wellness goals. He is also known as “The Health and Wellness Advisor” who is a best-selling author and health and wellness expert. Marc has worked with many famous actors and musicians
from around the country and has appeared on CBS, ABC,NBC and PBS television and radio shows including National Public Radio and People’s Pharmacy, to share his knowledge of Holistic Healing, as well as the Triangle Business Journal, Raleigh News and Observer and other media. In addition, Marc is a sought-after public speaker who enjoys sharing his message of Natural health and healing.
As the Medical Director of Advanced Healthcare Solutions based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Marc has introduced the idea of “wellness care” rather than sickness care to more than 116,000 patients. His patients come from his local community as well as around the world. His philosophy behind wellness care rather than sickness care is that it replaces the old approach of waiting to become ill and then searching for a cure, which is often hard to find. So with simple strategies, preventative measures and personal responsibility, getting sick is a lot more difficult.
Marc attended the prestigious Southwest Acupuncture College, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he received his Doctor of Oriental Medicine Degree and where he trained with some of the most experienced doctors of Oriental medicine. Prior to that, Marc received his double Bachelors in Psychology and Sociology and his Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and Social Welfare from Stony Brook University. At the age of 7, Marc was selected to be in highly-accelerated classes in school that put him into College at the age of 16.
As a leader in the acupuncture community, Marc has held the position of President of the North Carolina Acupuncture Association and currently serves as a Board Member to the Acupuncture Licensing Board. Marc also served as a Professor at the Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he taught many classes. In addition, he was a Clinical Instructor at the student clinic where he supervised all three levels of interns.
As an author, Marc’s forthcoming book, Soul Of Success with co-author Jack Canfield expects to impact healthcare in America. Marc is currently working on his next book project, Making Your Health Your Hobby. Marc enjoys spending time with his wife, two sons, and his extended family and loves hiking in the woods to connect with nature.
To learn more about Marc Cutler, “The Health and Wellness Advisor”, you can connect with him at:
[email protected]