Julia Pewitt Kinder, D.O., is a practicing physician, national speaker, fitness consultant, best-selling author, and busy mom of three.
Dr. Pewitt Kinder is Board Certified in Family Practice and maintains a private practice in Jackson, Missouri, with her brother. For over 10 years, she has personally counseled thousands of patients, helping them find time during their day to exercise and showing them easy ways to improve their health.
As a nationally-recognized speaker since 2007, Dr. Kinder is an established authority on health and fitness. She has shared her life-changing techniques with audiences that include corporations, local community groups, universities, national organizations, the media, and various conferences. Leading keynote presentations and workshops, her high-energy and down-to-earth presence inspire participants to begin making change during her presentation by showing them how to exercise before they leave the room! Her “Right Now” educational presentations combine her medical background and passion for making fitness easy to give participants the tools to establish a foundation of health by incorporating nutrition, exercise, and soul-nurturing activities into their daily routine. Dr. Kinder encourages the audience to achieve their life-goals by giving them the tools to implement change Right Now.
Continuing on her mission to simplify getting fit, Dr Kinder also offers personal consultations and has developed a line of effective and affordable fitness products. By working one-on-one with clients, she can tailor an exercise and eating-healthy program that fits any schedule and fitness level. Her clients range in age from teenagers to over 80; anyone who desires more energy, less brain-fog, and improved mood will immediately achieve results.
Dr. Kinder understands from her own personal experience the importance of maintaining her health so she has the energy to care for the health of her family. Ella, age eight, may have Down syndrome, but she is otherwise a healthy and typical child who loves reading and swimming. Twins Dexter and Paxton are lively three-year-old boys. Paxton has Crohn’s Disease and requires a restricted diet. With Dr. Kinder leading by example, all of her children are healthy and active.
If you’d like to learn more about how Dr. Kinder manages to look and feel great and make time for herself – all while juggling her career and family, contact her today! She can show you how to incorporate fitness into your normal, daily routine without spending extra hours at the gym. Here are easy ways for you to get started, Right Now!
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