Dr. Jill Howe, D.C. has been in practice in Illinois for 20 years.
She is an expert in treating chronic health problems such as Fibromyalgia,
Neuropathy and Disc Problems. Her health & wellness
center is in the top 2% of highest-producing Chiropractic/
Wellness clinics in the country. Much of this success she attributes
to the continual addition of new technologies and treatments
in her clinic. She utilizes numerous ‘state of the art’ treatment modalities such
as Spinal Rehabilitation Therapy, Decompression, Vibrational Therapy and Medically
Integrated Services to handle the real cause of a patient’s health problem.
Dr. Howe also works to educate her peers by speaking at National Chiropractic Conventions
and frequently participates in ongoing educational seminars.
Giving back to the community is important to Dr. Howe as well. She lectures pro bono
at various Park Districts, Book Stores, Police/Fire Departments and Local Fairs to
help educate as many people as possible. Dr. Howe is committed to helping her patients
eliminate their health problem without the use of drugs or surgery. She believes
that while educating her patients about the function and means by which the body
breaks down or malfunctions, she can help to create a healthier community.
Born in Illinois, Dr. Howe earned a B.S. in Human Biology as well as a Doctor of Chiropractic
from National College of Chiropractic in 1991. She and her husband Larry
live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and are avid dog lovers.