•Raised as a farm boy in South Western Ontario, Canada. Graduated with a
B.Sc. (Chemistry Major) from University of Western Ontario – where a
business course was a high point of his studies.
• Went on to get his doctor of chiropractic in Toronto.
• Married to Joanne his wife of 33 years and has three grown children- two
daughters and one son. One daughter is a teacher and ESL specialist, and one
is communications and media director with the foremost environmental NGO,
Canada. His son is in commercial aviation management studies while managing
a student housing business.
• Grant has purchased and managed several multi-residential and/or
commercial properties since 1978 while running a busy health practice.
• He has also taken time to travel the world on an 18 month sabbatical with
his family. He has studied at a masters-level counselling program in
Switzerland and Hawaii and all this was done while operating his real estate
business through the strength of delegation.
• After retiring from his health practice in 2008, because of structural
complications two years after a compression back fracture in 2006, he has
obtained further real estate knowledge from his mentor Ron LeGrand while
renovating his home property on one of the most beautiful waterways in the
world in the District of Muskoka in Central Ontario, Canada where
celebrities, wealthy industrialists and entrepreneurs go to play, rest and
• He is a charter member of the Federation of Rental Housing Providers
Ontario (FRPO) and keeps informed of legal changes and information pertinent
to the businesses from several publications.