Dr. Daniel Wolter grew-up as an “Army Brat,” and spent
most of his young life overseas. His family was stationed
in Munich, Germany during his high school years. After
graduation, he decided to stay in Germany to attend the
University of Munich, where he completed his dental
studies in 1991.
Transitioning from the American educational system to studying at a postgraduate
level in the German university system proved to be quite a challenge.
However, it also led to the development of a unique, complex, and
complimentary perspective about dentistry and oral health, which was distinctive
from what his U.S. counterparts were being taught at that time.
Many of the advantages of this perspective were formed through learning
about dentistry as a sub-specialty of medicine, integrated holistically as a
definitive part of overall health. While the mouth and teeth have distinct
problems and conditions which dentists routinely treat, they should not be
viewed as separate from the rest of the body or human experience.
After graduating from dental school, he practiced in Munich for a few years
while also pursuing an additional doctorate at the University of Mainz, which
he achieved “with honors” in 1995.
Soon after that, he moved to Chicago to earn an additional two-year postdoctoral
Masters Degree in “Advanced General Dentistry,” while also being
named Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry at Northwestern University
Dental School.
He is very proud that fewer than 1% of dentists have attained his level of
advanced education and academic distinction. His unique background and
perspective, experience in research and teaching, and over 21 years of
“hands-on” clinical expertise allow him to provide the most contemporary,
up-to-date dental solutions available today.
Dr. Wolter left Chicago in 2006 to enjoy the sunny skies and friendly folks of
Arizona. His Goodyear, AZ practice, Millennium Dental Arts, cares primarily
for Baby Boomers and Seniors, with a focus on complex restorative dental care, esthetic dentistry, dental implants, and periodontal medicine.
As the concept of “mouth-body health” becomes more widely understood,
the connection and interplay between oral health and systemic health becomes
more clear, and the public becomes more and more interested in
wellness and longevity, his practice continues to evolve from providing
world-class “tooth” care to modern-day “oral, dental, and systemic health”
To learn more about Dr. Wolter, his amazing team, and what modern dentistry
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