Catherine C. Emeruwa, M.D., or “Dr. Cathy” as her patients affectionately call her, is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician whose passionate approach to medicine is applauded by her peers.
Currently operating three living and wellness centers in metropolitan Atlanta, Dr. Cathy focuses on holistic and alternative medicine, and is an expert on the treatment of sexual dysfunction brought on by hormonal imbalances. Specializing in sex therapy, she counsels couples dealing with marital-intimacy issues.
A hallmark of her medical practice is that she spends an hour with each of her patients. The hard-working mother of four is motivated to learn everything about her patients’ lifestyles, diets, stressors and mental states, a quest she augments with exhaustive medical tests that take in everything from hair samples to hormone levels.
“Giving my patients my all matters to me,” says Dr. Cathy, who’s been practicing medicine more than two decades. “I’m not exaggerating when I say I treat them like family.”
Born in Winnipeg, Canada, to a Jamaican-Canadian mother, a former nurse and a Nigerian father with a Ph.D. in microbiology, Dr. Cathy is one of five female siblings, including a twin sister who is Dr. Cathy’s junior by 15 minutes.
When inquisitive, tomboyish Catherine Emeruwa was 12, her father, Dr. Augustin Emeruwa, got a position heading the University of Nigeria’s microbiology department. The Emeruwa clan dutifully packed up and departed Winnipeg for Nsukka, Nigeria. Always an intellectually-rigorous student, Dr. Cathy eventually enrolled in the University of Nigeria’s medical program and earned her medical degree in 1989.
After working as a physician for a year in Lagos, Nigeria, Dr. Cathy moved to London and Toronto, focused in both of those cities on being the best wife and mother she could be. And while excelling in those roles, Dr. Cathy was clearly put on earth to touch others with her healing skills. So it goes without saying that she found it incredibly gratifying to work as a family medicine physician in Brooklyn, New York, for three years.
In 2000 Dr. Cathy moved to Atlanta, where her gifts as a clinician and entrepreneur paved the way for a 7,000-patient medical practice, two nursing homes and a medical spa. Although prospering financially, Dr. Cathy recognized that money wasn’t everything: She grew weary of healing people while ensconced in an insurance-driven, revolving- door practice model limiting her contact with patients to a few minutes.
So Dr. Cathy left her successful medical practice and started a new one designed to let her spend far more time with patients. As before, her medical practice is thriving largely due to Dr. Cathy’s remarkable diagnostic acumen and her exemplary bedside manner.
An accomplished public speaker, Dr. Cathy is a contributor to bestselling author Jack Canfield’s upcoming book, The Soul of Success.
Dr. Cathy also has a line of weight-loss supplements, sex enhancers and is certified to administer platelet-rich plasma injections that heighten sexual pleasure.
Catherine C. Emeruwa, M.D., is an extraordinary physician whose dedication to her patients is on par with her service to the metropolitan-Atlanta community, where her practice is located.
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