Dr. Bradley W. Semp is the world’s leading authority on creating and leveraging human-centric systems to propel entrepreneurs in the 21st century. Brad and his team help mission-driven entrepreneurs to find freedom and cash flow to do what they love through the creation of human-centric systems that allow their clients and team to thrive. Brad holds a PhD Systems Engineering, is a registered Professional Engineer (PE), a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP), has multiple product patents in the United States, and is a sought after speaker on topics including business systemization, entrepreneurship, and human-centric system techniques. You can find out more about Brad and register for his popular newsletter by visiting

Brad is also the founder of Cashmaps® and Cashmap Systems, LLC that focuses on action-centric system solutions. Brad’s team has produced thousands of step-by-step Cashmaps to help entrepreneurs and business owners to perform a multitude of business activities ranging from marketing to online traffic generation and more. Be sure to download your FREE Social Media Cashmap to help you to leverage social media in your business at