A 25-year veteran of dental practice management, Arif Balagam moved to the United States from his native Pakistan in 1980 after graduating from dental school. Motivated by a drive to master the business aspect of the dental profession, Balagam initiated his career with a Houston firm where he learned dental practice management from the ground up. His savvy business sense and his keen instincts quickly made Balagam an invaluable asset to the leadership team. Over the 15 years that he remained with this practice, Balagam was instrumental in driving the company’s annual revenue from $1.5 million to a $7 million.
In 1992, Balagam purchased Smile Dental Group which consisted of three practices. Out on his own for the first time, Balagam faced the challenges and reaped the rewards of managing his own practices while continuing to hone his vision and his skills.
Balagam’s evolution achieved a breakthrough in 2009 when he launched his dream practice, Lumina Dental Spa, a revolutionary model that embodies his complete value system and makes dentistry appealing to people who are afraid to go to the dentist. His approach of nurturing the emotional while treating the physical needs of patients has proven to be a winning formula – for the patient and for the practice.
Balagam, a firm believer in personal development, attributes much of his success to mentors such as Werner Erhard (EST),Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, and Michael Gerber. Balagam stays on the cutting edge of personal and professional growth by regularly attending conferences and listening to audio books. Through continuous learning, introspection and overcoming obstacles, Balagam was able to not only define his vision with clarity, but also to create something that he is passionate about and benefits others.
On the horizon for Balagam is the opportunity to impact practices in other cities, states and countries through his consulting practice using the Lumina Dental Spa model.
Arif Balagam lives in Houston, Texas with his wife of 15 years and their three daughters.