Dr. Amara Anne Onujiogu has an amazing passion for family life and values. Her compassion and love for all people—wanting them to have a better life—is a driving force behind this chapter. It’s the beginning of the journey she has put into play.
Empowering people is the main goal for Amara today. She is naturally compelled to give people hope, especially from those who live stagnant in a world of unfulfilled dreams—regardless of the reason. Her journey has been as compelling as it has been inspirational. She has been widowed at an early age, being left a single mother, endured four decades of a turbulent marriage, emerging from it not only as a survivor, but also a role model with a powerful message. According to Amara, “It is never too late to begin again with a renewed determination, more clarity, serenity, and wisdom.”
In 1971, at the age of 23 and after three years very tough years in a refugee camp, Amara moved to the United States from Nigeria. It was the end of the civil war there and she settled in Boston, where she wasted no time taking advantage of her new opportunity. She went to college, earning degrees including: Doctor of Education from Boston University; a Master’s in Public Health Administration from University of Massachusetts, Amherst; a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Boston University; and a Bachelor’s in Chemistry from Emmanuel College in Boston, MA. During this time, she also raised her family, and worked hard as the co-owner and Executive Director of her family business, which focused on the pharmacy and real estate industries.
With over thirty years of professional experience in health care administration, including directing health care centers, nursing homes, home health agencies, and health and nursing educational programs, Amara has the knowledge and expertise to make all her goals for helping others and for helping others dreams come true. She is also an advocate for public health issues, international health, and family life education. Amara engages in finding solutions for problems facing families, especially those with roots in the developing world. She is very active with her Relationship Training and Motivational Speaking engagements.
Amara recently founded a non-profit organization, Its mission is to harness the unnecessary wastes of the western world and reuse them for the benefit of starving human beings worldwide, which she calls “Turning waste into grace.” She also offers coaching and consultancy services for those who wish to promote better family lives and further awareness about the major triggers of family dysfunction.
Dr. Amara Onujiogu’s passions hover around family, marriage, relationships, and empowering future parents and families. She knows that everyone can lead better and fulfilled lives through creating a suitable family environment. This type of safe, secure environment is vital for success and the avoidance of triggers of dysfunction, which are debilitating for many families. For more information on Amara’s mission, contact her at: [email protected], or visit