Douglas Schlenk helps everyday people achieve extraordinary results. Being raised by active parents, especially by a father with an extensive athletic and coaching background, he naturally gravitated towards athletics and fitness. Doug’s interest in strength training
began in high school, and while trying to improve his own athletic performance, he purchased his first fitness book. In the years to come, he would continue to self-educate through books, seminars, and networking with coaches. But, it still took working five years in Corporate America before he realized his true calling to help people better their own lives.

Doug’s training philosophy is “to stimulate not annihilate his clients.” His goal with each client is to make them better at the activities that they enjoy doing – whether they are a weekend warrior or just want to be able to play with their kids or grandkids. Doug and his team of coaches help people realize that they can achieve their goals without sacrificing time from the things that truly matter.

Doug has been coaching people for 12 years and has established his own training facility, Evolve Personal Fitness, over the last 5 years. Doug has been featured on the local T.V. news outlets with success stories of his clients and the time-saving training methods that he uses. He has also been selected as one of America’s Premier Experts and has been featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch’s Health section. Doug and his team are active in the community – holding charity classes each month to raise money for local charities, and donating their time and knowledge speaking to local businesses about exercise and nutrition.

You can connect with Doug at:
[email protected]