Doug Friesen, also known as “The SAVA Guy”, is a successful entrepreneur and business builder. He is a visionary expert driven to keep his eye on the target and has an exceptional ability to provide effective solutions to get over, around or through the challenges along the way.
Doug has effectively built multiple businesses from scratch turning each of them into multi-million dollar companies. In the truest form of entrepreneurship Doug has built some companies with very little start-up funding and found creative ways to get from zero to millions!
His newest venture, “The Sava Guy” allows Doug to bring his expertise to companies looking for a clear vision. Passionate about supporting the entrepreneur to grow their businesses and prosper, Doug is dedicated to the SAVA process. With the SAVA process recognized as the true 3 Fundamentals of business, Doug is a pioneer in simplifying the success process. Are you currently an entrepreneur with a business that has no vision of where you want to take it? Or perhaps you have a vision and need support to road-map the journey.
The SAVA process will:
• Improve your Self-Awareness, (and that of your Team).
• Determine a crystal clear Vision for your company, (and you personally).
• Create the road map and determine the Action required getting there.
Through years of working with entrepreneurs, business owners and corporations Doug has developed the SAVA process through hands-on experience. “I continually see business owners wondering why their company isn’t growing or moving in the direction they want it to and why they are not making the income they desire”, says The SAVA Guy.
Doug has performed many SWOT analysis’ on businesses and been afforded the opportunity to look into many companies to see their inner structure. Through these opportunities it became clear to Doug that the 3 Fundamentals are required before anything else.
The SAVA process will elucidate:
• the role of the business owner and the other teammates
• the marketing that is required to support the vision,
• the operations that are required to reach the vision.
Doug is a man of integrity and lives by a set of unwavering core values. The SAVA Guy has even assisted churches in developing their vision! He is a family man married for 30 years, with 3 children and 3 grandchildren. As founder, CEO and President of TAK Logistics Inc, Doug brought his 3 children, one sisters and a nephew into the company. His supportive approach to life is summarized in his “why”, “to enthusiastically serve with heart and soul to create a higher standard”.

Doug is an example of work hard, play hard. He is an accomplished vocalist, musician, writer and performer. Doug even applies the SAVA process to his personal life and comments, “I see the SAVA process also as a life application”. The SAVA process will enhance your personal relationships, make your family stronger and allow you to enjoy life to its full potential!
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