Doug Duerr is a Healthy Living Life Coach, Author,
Speaker and Yoga teacher. He also serves regularly
with grief groups and in workshops throughout the year.
Doug is a published author of The Adventures of Jazz
and Elliott, a colorful series encouraging children the
freedom to imagine and discover.
He is affiliated with the Y of Greater Houston, Unity of Houston, and N.E.S.T.A.
As the owner and principle coach of MY LIFE Coaching based in Houston,
TX, his wellness company stays active in training and education within their
mission as an advocate for optimal wellness available to every person. A
lifelong resident of Texas, Doug enjoys a variety of lifestyles and cultures, he
easily adapts and finds joy in the piney woods, the beautiful hill country or is
just as happy in the heart of Manhattan.
Doug has partnered with the world leader in nutrition; Isagenix International,
the nutritional key to serve the many health and financial-minded individuals.
This coach understands what it takes to live balance; reminding himself,
his clients, and students daily, to be accountable and discover life. His hobby
of latin dance is just one of many ways he acknowledges his Spirit and lives
the example of his teachings. He has a deep appreciation and love for animals
and is a rescue advocate.
Balance is a common goal for most students and clients. As a holistic planner
focusing on wellness, Doug’s approach is a lifestyle choice to Optimal
Wellness and emphasizes the whole person. It is the integration of the body,
mind, and Spirit; and the appreciation that everything we do, think, feel, and
believe has an impact on our health. This is also what he adopts and delivers
as a course to clients. “We have become more of a society about alleviating
or curing a disease, this wellness approach encourages a personal responsibility
for well-being.”
This proactive and preventive action is designed to achieve optimum levels
of health, social and emotional functioning. His personal practice encourages
clients and groups to achieve this highly sought after goal.
Doug has discovered when a person is open and coachable to the tools,
anyone can become empowered and create a shift in their life – creating
wellness within relationships, fitness, finances, nutrition, career and spirituality
– and ultimately the relationship with Self.
MY LIFE Coaching encourages a wellness-oriented lifestyle adopting habits
and behaviors that promote wholeness. It involves the recognition that we all
have physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs, with each dimension
necessary for life balance.
Live Life Now! Doug Duerr is a master guide, coach and trainer for the client
or student that is coachable, ready for action and ultimately responsible for
their wellness.
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