Donald Pet, M.D., is director and founder of The Educational Community (EC), a privately funded nonprofit corporation whose mission is to popularize Einstein’s solution to prevent human catastrophe and create sustainable peace. The EC offers the first and most comprehensive, scientifically-verified, self-
taught curriculum that explains ANWOT. Our services are forever FREE to everyone, everywhere, every time.
Dr. Pet acknowledges the influence of Jerome Frank, M.D., Ph.D. (deceased), world authority on the causes of war and peace, his favorite mentor while training in psychiatry at Johns Hopkins and thereafter. “My passion is to inspire a movement that will allow my grandchildren and other loved ones to enjoy the opportunities I have experienced; surely I am not alone.”
The EC web sites are forever FREE: Two love-creation skills; a good introduction to ANWOT The skills to become a Love-creation teacher A comprehensive curriculum to Einstein’s solution = A Newer Way of Thinking.