Diane T. Demmar, CPC, MBA (f.k.a. Diana Demar) is an American Entrepreneur–best-selling author, founder of The Source of Wealth in You™ (SOWIY™) business book series and Success Technology®, a speaker, coach/consultant, actress, and singer-songwriter. Her innovative, resourceful strategies are improving lives and businesses. 

Diane Demmar writes extensively on the subject of ‘internal wealth’– self-awareness, confidence, and mind-power– as the way to success and fulfillment. She’s the founder of Diana Demar Success LLC and Huntress Records and works globally with professionals, groups, organizations, and individuals with an end goal–to achieve results. 

Demmar has coached/consulted some of the world’s most successful renowned leaders. She believes that everything is made up of energy, we’re connected through it, and because man is always distracted–a journey to perfection should then be redirected. This is the mission of ‘The Source of Wealth in You™’. She’s a member of the International Coach Federation, Toastmasters International, and the Screen Actors Guild. Her latest achievements include ‘Cracking the Success Code’, a book co-written with the legendary Brian Tracy available on