With an enthusiasm for selling at an early age, Diane Ciotta dedicated
nine years to a Manhattan-based retailer, becoming the youngest
store manager in the history of the 50-year company. Being a gogetter,
she eventually decided to pursue an outside sales position,
where she could more fervently initiate her opportunities for new clients.
Diane propelled herself to become a top-selling representative with a respected publishing
company, and enjoyed a successful 10-year career that included territory sales,
sales management and sales coaching. As a result of her personal experiences, Diane’s
passionate commitment to the widespread need for more integrity-based selling inspired
her entrepreneurial ‘leap of faith’ to start Training Classics in 1989.
For 22 years, Diane has effectively motivated sales consultants around the country to
focus on their customers’ needs vs. wants through dynamic skills-enhancement seminars.
She concentrates on increasing participant’s confidence and uses Jersey sarcasm
to emphasize the thrill of being in control of driving incremental revenue. Her specialty
in the advertising industry has been with an incomparable ability to relate to her participants,
and her resume includes publishing a children’s educational newspaper.
Determined to intensify the results of her positive impact, Diane diversified her focus
and is stimulating audiences as a presenter at major speaking engagements, doing
business as The Keynote Effect. With a strong message addressing her perspective
on our “national complacency crisis” and the necessary attitudes and actions to successfully
conquer it, she is responsible for many life-changing decisions.
Diane Ciotta is a professional member of the National Speakers Association.
Di has two sons, Brian 26 & Kevin 25, and one soul mate – the love of her life, Tom.
Contact Info:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Cell: 732.672.7942
Toll Free: 1.866.301.9455