Denise Nabinger- known as the woman who took too long being “done licking divorce wounds”, is passionate about helping women recover from divorce.
Divorce recovery lasted many years longer than expected due to many surprising turns of events. Which explains why Denise is so eager to help other divorced women- to save them from “wasted years and way too many tears”!
Divorce left her without two of her sons, her family home and a move. Even her friends and church members betrayed her. Nobody understood the agony, guilt, despair, self-esteem issues, “loss of dreams”, “wasted life mentality”, “feeling like a throw away” or total “why am I even alive?” thoughts that ran through her head.
She can tell you the “Do’s and Don’ts” of recovery from divorce. Feel confident knowing that Denise “has your back”. Her expertise comes from “living in the trenches”, “dealing with the unexpected and devastating” and “rising above all odds”!
Denise will share quality information, strategies for success, book recommendations and reviews, interviews with experts in the field of divorce recovery, “lessons learned the hard way” and proven strategies to “overcome the effects of divorce”.
Denise loves to read, learn from experts and attend seminars. Her children are grown and she doesn’t have any grandchildren, yet. So, let her do the work for you. Let her invest her time and energy finding the most helpful information to assist you in your recovery from one of the most painful events in your life.
Nothing has prepared you for what you will experience. Denise believes you are a valuable, worthwhile woman. She wants you to know that your life is not over- just because of a divorce.
Even though your entire life has been turned upside down… there is still hope! You name it, she’s “been there done that”. Be ready to “become who you were meant to be” and “accomplish what you were meant to accomplish”- no matter what your circumstances are! She can help you “not only thrive, but overcome”.
An Elementary School Teacher, and later a volunteer and advocate for other Teachers, Denise is an independent entrepreneur. Being a Stay at Home Mom led her to home based businesses such as: Discovery Toys, Stampin’Up, Creative Memories, Avon, Premier Design’s Jewelry and Nu- Skin Enterprises.
She raised three gifted and talented ADHD sons (also two ADHD foster children for a time) and was married to an ADHD executive. She has lived in NY, Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi and California.
Always lending a listening ear, even strangers feel comfortable telling Denise their life story.
She’s a “stop and smell the roses” kind of woman, known for suddenly slamming on the brakes for a garage sale or a thrift store. Her nickname is “Sidetrack Sally” due to her many interests.
Nothing will stop Denise’s devotion to something- including Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, several surgeries and years of health problems! She even continues dancing despite blisters on her feet and a partial knee replacement!