Debra Kay Smith is taking the world by storm. She is a woman of many talents – a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author, a success coach and the CEO of Driven 4 Elite Success, Inc. With a focus on powerful short term goals and rewards, she has a gift for helping clients see the big picture and focus on long-term success.
She loves coming in with fresh, witty ideas and a unique spin, to propel her clients toward success in every area of their lives. She uses humor, fun, and creative ideas to mentor you, the client, from idea conception to the fulfillment of your ultimate goal.
Debra Smith’s areas of expertise include: marketing, branding and networking, and to her colleagues she is known as a seasoned marketer with finely-honed networking skills. She is also a proud member of Toastmasters International.
Debra’s education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and she is working on her Master’s in Leadership. She’s an unstoppable motivator and a veritable dream to work with.
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