Deborah Freeman believes, “When praise goes up,
blessings come down!” and her successful, 20-year
career in finance is proof enough that her beliefs are
sound. Deborah has been a financial advisor with major
players of the financial world Merrill Lynch and Morgan
Stanley as well as an engineer with computer giant IBM.
Deborah received her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University
of Memphis and her MBA from Christian Brothers University. Recently,
Deborah has incorporated her education, business acumen and faith into
her inspiring, professional speaking series called “Use God and Win!” She
has also launched Praise God Jewelry™, a unique and inspired jewelry line.
Inspired by Godly women like Beth Moore, Deborah quiets skeptics who
believe that faith and business are incongruous. Her faith has been a basis
for her continued success evidenced by her awards. During her financial
career, Deborah received the “Rookie of the Year” award from Merrill Lynch.
In addition, IBM selected her for a special project in England during her
tenure with the company.
A native of Brownsville, Tennessee and still a Tennessee resident, Deborah
is committed to volunteerism by having served on her local community’s
City Beautification Commission. She is a volunteer tutor for ESL, English
as Second Language, and attended a mission trip to Cambodia where she
sought to advance the language skills of resident nationals.
Deborah, much like her Biblical judge counterpart, is a strong woman of
even stronger faith. She credits her recent trip to Israel for inspiring her
Contact Deborah at:
[email protected]