ow Debby McKinney spells her name is only the beginning of what sets her apart. An entrepreneur since 10 – folks still remember that neighborhood newsletter – she combines a fresh and innovative approach with common-sense best practices. Practical strategies to empower clients to succeed in today’s
diverse marketing arenas and in life. She calls it a process, not a science, coming at it with a uniquely client-focused mindset. It starts and stops with her clients’ dreams, and her mission is to help clients achieve them by taking action.
Deep marketing expertise comes from lessons learned in the most competitive and highly- challenging marketing trenches. In an entrepreneurial career that included building a multi-million dollar brick-and-mortar business with hundreds of employees, she’s seen boom times and bust times. Insights were enriched by raising a family, and putting continued personal development at the core of everything she does. The journey, and the lessons ultimately learned on it, pointed her to ask herself the biggest questions of all:
“What do I really want out of life and how will I get it on my terms?”
“When I talk about perspective,” Debby said, “I’ve got it, because I’ve lived it. The ups and the downs. I’ve made all the mistakes and lived the dream, but also know the fears first-hand. The high-highs, the lowest lows, and about rising up, reinventing myself and battling back to reach higher than ever. Each of us has the capacity to live the life we want. It’s real, I’m proof of it. But wishing and hoping isn’t enough. Big companies have the resources to get the help they need, but what about the rest of us? It’s easy to get lost in the backwash of the digital world, but that’s where I come in:
(1) Consulting, business and life coaching empowering clients to succeed on their
terms, and
(2) Working with clients to develop marketing machines built upon personal brands, succeed without compromise, and live the life they dream of – to really have it all.”
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850-598-0200 [email protected]