Dr. David Wells helps people who are having difficulty breaking into the higher education teaching profession not only get in, but also have institutions and students crave them. As a #1 Nationally Ranked Dean, he is a highly sought-after administrator for advice and training on how to go from steps that are “hit or miss” to
strategies “they can’t resist.” He began his career in 2012 being new to the teaching profession and six months later becoming a Dean. When the dust settled, he was promoted three times in about 18 months.
David believes that in any profession you either “stand out” or “get left out,” which is the philosophy he teaches. His goal is to show wannabe professors why the traditional approach to getting teaching gigs no longer works. David developed the SECRET Propeller Effect to help lift off their careers and create craving fans. He shows them how to develop their signature story and teaching metaphor to become the magnet that draws institutions in and craving more.
David earned his Ph.D. from Capella University. He is a Dean of a regionally-accredited university and oversees multiple disciplines. He is a best-selling author in Wake Up and Live the Life You Love: Seizing Your Success, which he co-authored with Deepak Chopra. David has also been featured in ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS News for his work with professors.
David, a national speaker, trainer and Dean, has worked with hundreds of professors, including some top award-winning faculty members. He has set records in two different industries, sales and education, while beginning with no experience in either.
You can connect and engage with David at: [email protected]