David is fiercely committed to helping great sellers become Brilliant ones. He is a full time seller, spending his days as a top performer. He’s not years removed from his craft, he practices it every day.

As a frequent President’s Club Member he has personally closed tens of millions of dollars of product and services sales, seven figure dollar deals, and has set several sales records (at least one still stands from over 15 years ago). As a sales manager, and coach his teams have repeatedly reached previously unprecedented levels. He has traveled to over 25 states and 2 countries teaching others his sales and management insights.

If you are looking for actionable ideas and concepts from proven professional that help you:
• Sell more, faster
• Spend less time with prospects who don’t buy
• Dramatically increase your income
• Or do any of that for your sales team
then David can help.

After spending years working 100s of sales professionals with similar worries and concerns and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, David’s mission and commitment is to help you Sell Brilliantly. His path to become an expert salesman and leader became clear to him accidently.

When starting college David had no idea what he wanted to do. He did know one thing however… that he did not want to go into sales. While still in school he fell into an opportunity to work for IBM on campus, selling computers to students, faculty and staff. His manager, Vince, was and is an amazing professional, mentor and expert sales manager who helped him realize this was what he was meant to do.

Now David spends time helping others hone their craft. What lights him up about this work is knowing that when he has helped a sales professional improve their results that it extends well beyond their professional lifes.

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