Dave Schmitz (aka… The Band Man) is the Co-Owner of Resistance Band Training Systems, LLC and the creator of, the only website exclusively devoted to training with large continuously looped resistance bands. Dave’s unique professional background and vast experience as an orthopedic physical therapist, performance enhancement specialist, certified strength and conditioning specialist along with his 27 plus years of living fitness and performance training, has allowed him to turn a simple 41 inch resistance band into an incredible multi-faceted total training experience for 1000’s of athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world, while helping 100’s of fitness professionals and coaches help get their clients or athletes BETTER with BANDS.
What initially started out as a small basement band gym in his home has evolved into an international full service online and offline fitness company. Resistance Band Training Systems, LLC and were never created to sell bands. Rather it has always been about teaching and training everyone on why resistance bands were a necessity, not an alternative, when it came to developing training and performance programs that get fast and effective results. Even with a growing online business, Dave continues to run his own adult fitness boot camps and monthly athletic performance camps while working in the clinic with 100’s of physical therapy patients. He also continues to lecture around the country, teaching coaches and fitness professionals on how to effectively train with resistance bands.
Dave’s passion and pursuit of knowledge has allowed him to create over 12 DVDs and write 100’s of articles on the Art of Resistance Band Training and Conditioning. As a result it is not a surprise or an accident that Dave Schmitz has become nationally known as “The BAND MAN”.