David Rispoli has been assisting people on their grief journey for the past twenty years. In the last two decades he has helped hundreds of individuals and families during the most difficult days of their life. He is the president and founder of Grief Journey Coaching. Grief Journey Coaching is an international coaching firm based out of St. Louis Missouri. The mission of Grief Journey Coaching is to help people continue to honor their loved ones, survive the journey of grief and begin to experience life again. David has worked in the hospice industry as a Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator for the past twenty years. He also serves as the Continued Care Coordinator for Stygar Funeral Home in the St. Louis area and is the Senior Pastor at Joy Community Church.
David is the host of the monthly “Grief Call” a free teleconference where people who are experiencing the pain of losing a loved one learn the six keys to surviving the journey of grief. He is the host of a monthly radio talk show called “The Grief Show”. He does public and corporate speaking, hosts grief groups, and does one on one grief coaching.
David has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from Slippery Rock University and completed his graduate work earning a Master’s of Divinity from Gettysburg. He is currently working towards his PhD. He is an excellent communicator whose passion is helping people survive the journey of grief.
To learn more about David Rispoli and how you might receive the free special report “You are not crazy, you are grieving” visit or call Toll Free 1-800-877-3470.