David Montelongo’s incredible story of riches to rags to riches is
one that makes him the real estate mentor that aspiring millionaires
are seeking out. His remarkable journey from creating a multimillion
dollar real estate portfolio at the age of 28 and flipping
over 536 houses in his career to building a legacy for his young
family is truly inspiring.
David’s business grew so fast that he caught the eye of America and was featured
on A&E’s hit TV show “Flip this House,” where more than a million viewers a week
watched his business explode!
After his time on “Flip This House,” the housing bubble burst, and David found himself
unprepared for the economic fallout and lost most of his multimillion-dollar portfolio.
David faced the decision that so many Americans face today: be bitter about things
lost or get better by creating the solution that allows for a comeback. David knew that
being wealthy was first a state of mind. He sought out financial, spiritual and physical
mentors to reinvent himself and the strategies he uses to become a problem solver
to many. He took inspired action and began to reinvent the way the modern investor
would create a fortune in real estate and serve their communities.
David’s determination enabled him to rebuild his real estate investment firm bigger
than before and has allowed him to have the reach to inspire thousands of real estate
investors across the country. David’s multifaceted business, which tests strategies
before releasing them to the public, has helped many accumulate hundreds of thousands
of dollars in spendable cash and million-dollar portfolios.
David has produced and developed a home-study course and membership site where
he teaches his five key strategies that include his hybrid cutting-edge house flipping
system, “The Deed Flipping Blueprint.”TM He also coaches and consults with students
across the country in building a multigenerational legacy in his Millionaire Apprentice
Program.TM In this program, he shares how to use YOUR mental strength to fireproof
your business in today’s changing economy and for the rest of your life.
David’s keys to success are his highly converting marketing initiatives that bring in
a consistent lead stream and having a strong belief that he can make money in any
market regardless of current market conditions!
The David Montelongo Companies’ team allows him to be able to focus on his real
estate deals and help others learn how to “crush it” in today’s economy.
David is an internationally known real estate entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, educator,
whose passion for his divine source and family—wife, Melina, and two children, Zion
and Eden, are his driving force. His mission is to help anybody who is coachable and
willing to learn how to become financially independent with mental fortitude to create
generational wealth. In his spare time, he enjoys training Brazilian Jui Jitsu, reading,
writing, wine tasting, and vacationing with his family.
Connect with David,
1-888-406-2088 or [email protected].