Being born into a family of Entrepreneurs, David Leopold really did not put his Dream in place until his father’s death, when he was 23. Publishing was the pre-chosen field, as his Father lived most of his own life before he realized his own dream of owning a publication. David personally struggled having his mother as a business partner. He did what any Entrepreneur would do; he bought the business from his Mother, in a deal brokered by his maternal Grandfather, a successful businessman.

That was in the 1970’s. Prior to his first business investment, David had displayed an interest in Publishing, but his college journey actually took him into a different direction. He has never taken a business or marketing class, but has had numerous classroom experiences with college and high school students who have!

While being involved in three different publishing businesses in the 70’s, he chose to pursue other marketing efforts in the 1980’s . He was involved in at least six separate Direct Marketing/Direct Mail endeavors. It was in that decade that he developed his keen understanding of Return on Marketing Investment.

In the 1990’s, he spent most of his time in “partnership” with a Fortune 500 company. The marketing discipline was Teleservices. He established a national reputation in Insurance Direct Marketing and was asked to participate in numerous speaking opportunities while interacting with 19 of the largest 52 Insurance Companies, generating approximately $41MM in revenue with his business “partner”.

On January 1, 2000, he began to learn how to effectively use the Internet as a Marketing tool. Privately, he worked with three international service providers in the Insurance industry. In 2004, he began to develop his Small Business Model embracing the Business2Business discipline under his “Dreaming With Entrepreneurs” brand. Two years ago, he began to build The David Leopold Network Community. Small Businesses could realize unlimited business opportunities on the websites he developed with a 23 year old Applications Developer.
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Ultimately, The David Leopold Network Community will become a non-profit Foundation, with the mission to assist other Entrepreneurs with David’s Marketing expertise.