David Hull is best known for his humorous style of motivating
and training in the Network Marketing Industry. As
an author and comedic motivational speaker David has
trained tens of thousands of people all over the world on
how to create Loyalty, Fun & Profit in their home- based businesses. David’s
style of humor is all about telling stories and relating them to a lesson that
can be used in business and in life.
David is a master in teaching people how to be able to communicate with
anyone, anywhere and anytime, how to create urgency in one’s business
and how to create a powerful “Why” which will keep one going during the
difficult times. People come from all over to learn to laugh at life for just a
while and perhaps learn just the vital key that will take then to the next level
in their business.
After 15 years of working for individual Network Marketing Companies, David
has finally gone on his own. If you wish to learn more, see a sample of
him on stage or have him speak at your event, you can learn more about
David at: