The night Davelle Morrison was hit by a cab, she never saw the car coming, and the driver didn’t stop to check on her.
That was back in the winter of 1998, when what started as a fun
evening with friends at a Toronto bar left the twenty-something with severe injuries to her neck, back and left knee. To heal, she had to endure months of intensive treatment and physiotherapy so she could learn to walk again. But she did much more than just recover—within two years of her accident, Davelle completed her first half-marathon. A year later, after completing two more half-marathons and more than eight triathlons, she ran in the New York Marathon. Residual pain in her right leg slowed her pace, but her spirits were high as she crossed the Staten Island Bridge to the sounds of Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.”
Resilience has always been one of Davelle’s strengths. Born in Guyana, she moved to Toronto at age 4 with her parents, who, like many immigrants, wanted to build a better life.
Davelle isn’t just plugged into her local community—she’s curious about the world. Her global travels have taken her to India, Tanzania, South Africa, Argentina & Austria to name a few. Davelle’s interest in discovering new places has enabled her as a real estate agent to become intimately familiar with many Toronto neighbourhoods.
Originally, Davelle wanted to be an investment banker, and after completing a business degree at McGill University in Montreal, she worked in the field for a while. But watching her mother use equity to buy bigger and better houses inspired her, and she discovered she also had a knack for real estate investment. She currently lives in the vibrant Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood—she regularly frequents the area’s restaurants, movie theatres and bookstores, and runs on the nearby Kay Gardner Beltline—and earns additional income by renting out her basement. She owns three additional investment properties in Toronto.
Today, using that aptitude for strategically buying and selling real estate, along with her personable, empathetic nature and her ability to turn an obstacle into an opportunity, Davelle helps others buy and sell homes, and also teaches about real estate investment.
Davelle Morrison has a personal history of turning obstacles into opportunity, and she knows how to achieve the same kind of success with home buyers and sellers.
With her intimate knowledge of residential communities in the Greater Toronto Area, keen eye for real estate trends, established marketing smarts and warm, upbeat attitude, Davelle excels at helping people find the perfect place to live, or getting the best deal for their home. And her experience and expertise in real estate investment provide an added value to clients wanting to know how to leverage their properties and increase their wealth.
Whether you’re selling or buying, or looking to learn about property investment, Davelle Morrison can help you navigate and win in the real estate market.