Darsana Roldan is a conscious, visionary leader with a passion for living in freedom and abundance. Humor and truth are his authentic way of assisting clients to Recycle Their Human Potential. He is also co-creator of the revolutionary Lifestyle of the Rich and Conscious Movement.
Through his personal journey of completely releasing alcohol and drug addiction over 21 years ago, Darsana recycled his interpretation of what challenges and adversities represent to break free from the prison of the mind. For the past 16 years, Darsana has been immersed in studying and growing in every aspect of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wealth and prosperity with many of the most profound teachers in the world such as Lloyd Tupper, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, David Wolfe, and Joan Borysenko to name a few.
With his unending commitment to living in harmony and alignment with more life for all humanity, animals, nature, and the planet, Darsana lives a richly abundant and fulfilling life centered in spiritual principles, playful parenting and prosperity consciousness and it is his purpose and passion to share his gifts of truth, understanding and experience with the world.
Darsana’s giving has immersed him in a colorful array of exciting experiences of organizing and leading youth camps and programs, founding the Conscious Kingdom no kill animal sanctuary, and founding and developing one of the most prominent and effective counseling agencies, working in conjunction with the Probation department, providing Drug, Alcohol, Parenting and Domestic Violence programs to both Spanish and English clientele. As well as creating and expanding two successful bilingual/bicultural real estate companies aligned with builders for exclusive advertising, marketing, sales and value enhanced relationships.
With their uniquely fun approach to life, Darsana and his wife and soul partner, Kalyani, currently travel the country, with their two young children and eight animals, in their Luxury RV, coaching people and communities, with their essential roadmap for freedom, money, and meaning. They have empowered thousands of clients to uplevel their lifestyle choices and financial prosperity, and reconnect with what’s meaningful to them.
True success is a lifestyle… Kalyani and Darsana give you the same strategies they have used to embrace adversities and challenges and recycle them into powerful turning points, to live a vacation lifestyle of freedom!
Visit to play in the abundant game of life and receive your essential roadmap to break free from the prison of the mind, uplevel your prosperity and live your legacy now!