Darryl Franklin, Ph.D. helps his clients not only dream big, but also bring those dreams to reality as a portfolio manager, planner, and coach.
As a child, Darryl was exposed to a value system that laid a solid foundation of respect for others and building meaningful trust-based relationships. His parents provided a powerful push towards discipline, work ethic, and academic excellence, all instrumental in shaping his financial philosophy.
It is a philosophy shaped by the twists and turns of life. One such twist occurred in 2001, when he experienced a health–related miracle, causing the direction of his life to change. Searching for answers, Darryl enrolled in the Master of Divinity program at Garrett Theological Evangelical Seminary on the famed Northwestern University campus in Evanston, Illinois. This led to his ordination and a two-year stint as a full- time clergyman.
Still not finding all the answers he was seeking, he continued his studies and research at Benedictine University. It was in the writing of his dissertation that some of the answers to life’s puzzle began to emerge.
Darryl’s life path again twisted when his clergy background caught the attention of a recruiter for a blue-chip Wall Street wirehouse brokerage firm. The well-regarded two-and-a-half-year training program provided a strong financial background, but also exposed some inherent flaws with the traditional Wall Street brokerage model. Believing there was a better way, Darryl founded Oakwood Wealth Advisors in 2012 to serve an underserved niche – working women who just don’t have the time to manage and grow their wealth.
Drawing upon his background as a seminary-trained, ordained clergyman, Darryl aligns his faith with the fundamental need to plan for the future, providing a perspective that others often miss. Using his technical and research skills, Darryl discovered an approach to investing which minimizes losses and increases gains. The process is built on a rigorous disciplined approach to investment management, one a client affectionately named the “Franklin Formula.”
Committed to the community, Darryl serves in the local church and as a local District School Board member. He also shares his unique life experiences in his lectures, teaching, and writing with an emphasis on helping individuals reach their full potential. In addition, Darryl serves as a business school faculty lecturer at Benedictine
University where he teaches MBA622-Creativity and Innovation in Business, MBA653- Investment Theory & Portfolio Management, and MBA656-Investment Analysis.
Darryl Franklin earned a B.S.C.S. from the Illinois Institute of Technology, a M.Div. from Garrett Theological Evangelical Seminary and a Ph.D. from Benedictine University.
You can connect with Darryl at: [email protected]
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