Dan Marcellus knows that technology gone wrong can be downright ugly. As the 17-year president of SkyPort IT, Dan helps companies solve technology problems and create systems that complement their goals and infrastructure. Dan and his team at SkyPort IT provide onsite solutions to a wide-range of clients. They’ve worked
on projects like installing new servers for a mid-size marketing firm, helping with equipment for a local robotics high-school team, managing the email services for a manufacturing company, or full-service IT implementation for an ambulatory surgery center. Proper Systems Design and Security are of utmost importance to Dan in proving the best solution – whether it is a fully cloud, on premise or hybrid solution.
Dan’s lifelong love for building and programming led to a BS in Information Systems from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1988. He founded SkyPort IT in 1998 out of a desire to bring old-fashioned values into the IT business: honesty, transparency, fairness, and value. Dan’s 30 years of problem-solving experience in the IT field has led to a thorough understanding of the underlying systems that many take for granted. Experience has also taught him that the best way to satisfy his clients is to teach them how to implement better technologies in their companies. He provides seminars, webinars, and original educational materials on his website, and works with each client to ensure that not only is the technology running smoothly, but there are company-wide training and procedures in place to ensure the system continues to function.
SkyPort IT is recognized as one of the best technology companies in upstate NY. Dan’s team shines because of his employee-oriented management style, in which he empowers each of his team members to make decisions as if they were the company owner. The SkyPort IT tech geniuses are renowned for their ability to seamlessly take stock of the client’s goals, reveal the underlying problems, and create a customized, innovative strategy. This level of personal service has not only led to SkyPort IT’s growth, but also an award from a local Chamber, regional press coverage, and hundreds of happy customers.
When Dan isn’t solving problems for his clients, he’s focused on his family. He enjoys volunteering, playing racquetball, and serving as a Councilperson in his beloved hometown of Lima, NY.