Dan Jackowicz, also known as “Danny Twoguns” is a certified personal trainer, certified functional movement specialist with the FMS and (is level 2 DVRT certified something). He is currently the owner of Twoguns Training Systems which operates a studio space inside of Nautilus Fitness in Erie, Pennsylvania.
Dan grew up in East Rockaway, New York and relocated to northwest Pennsylvania to attend Edinboro University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Physical Education. He completed his undergraduate curriculum with an internship at Nautilus Fitness and was hired thereafter. After working in a sales position and part-time as one of the facilities personal trainers he became an independent contractor to run his business and eventually started renting studio space in the gym as well.
Dan’s popularity has increased significantly the past couple of years and he has quickly become the go-to fitness expert in the Erie area due to his continued and consistent client success stories and results as well as his relentless passion for continuing education and learning as much as he can to continually bring clients results. He offers semi-private personal training, athletic development training and group personal training programs.
What truly sets him apart from other fitness professionals in the area is his genuine desire to help people and his clients. In his spare time, he is reading or watching fitness related or professional development related material, attending seminars or workshops and learning in any way he can.
Dan would like to thank his parents Paul and Gail Jackowicz, Edinboro University professor Dr. Shawn Reagan, Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove as well as the whole Results Fitness team, Sean Cody for getting it all started, and Annette Brinker of Nautilus Fitness for saying, “You’re stupid if you don’t start training full time here with all that knowledge you have.” Without them this journey would surely not have progressed the way it has and as well as it has.
For more information feel free to contact him at (814) 459-3033 or visit