Damon Pendleton is an attorney in Virginia at Christina
Pendleton & Associates. He concentrates his injury practice
around helping families who have lost loved ones as
a result of the negligence of others and individuals who
have suffered catastrophic injuries at the hands of another
person or company.
Prior to attending law school, Damon handled hundreds of cases for one
of the largest insurance companies in America. Eventually, Damon became
leery of his work with the insurance company after seeing too many injured
victims who didn’t have competent legal representation against the virtually
unlimited resources of insurance companies. Damon switched sides and
now, as an insurance company insider, he fights his old bosses over the
rights of consumers. Damon provides free information and a list of resources
to anyone involved in an accident at Also,
at the website under “Free Information” readers can download an “Insurance
Policy Checklist” that accompanies this chapter.
Damon’s mantra is steeped in age old wisdom: “An ounce of prevention is
worth a pound of cure.” He looks forward to the time his services are no
longer needed. Until that time, his mission is to share ideas with parents on
living happy, worry-free lives through instruction on tips to avoid serious injury.
He encourages all readers to preorder from his website a free advanced
copy of his next book: Consumer’s Guide to Safety for the Family.